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We are in the Floral Industry since 1960

We are in the Floral Industry since 1960, delivering Fresh Flowers and Ornamental Greenery to more then 100 customers in 20 different Contries.

We are the Third Generation, and every day we are on the line, with our employees, personally taking care the whole process, from the Production until the Sale. We offer an immediate contact, and an excellent service based on a very high quality proposed. We promote local products, becasue we know that the Sanremo Flowers are a landmark in the Whole World. We are located at the Center of the Valley, position that allow us to be reached in few minutes from all our Suppliers.


Spedizioni in tutto il mondo

Spediamo i nostri fiori in tutto il mondo

Ciclo produttivo

Seguiamo interamente il ciclo produttivo dei nostri fiori

Qualità garantita

La qualità dei nostri prodotti è riconosciuta dai nostri clienti

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