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Dalla Madre terra al vaso di fiori!


Our job start here, following the product since before his bith. Thanks to the experiences from previous generations, we have learned to plan the growth, having flowers at the time of maximum demand. It is an ancient work, which hast its roots in the tradition, and even if the new technologies help us to manage the crops, thus being able to offer our customers  the right products at the right time, for most of the process we still follow the guidelines of our ancestors.


When the flower is ready, it is collected and transferred to the company, where skilled hands proceed with choosing the classification, considering consistency, color, length, weight and size. It is a very important moment of the process, as it is established, what should be of Category Super, Category Extra, First Choice or Second Choice; we are very proud of this passage, as we are known on International Markets for the rigor that we apply at this stage.


For all Ornamental Greenery, at this stage of the process we provide to “transform” the product, offering it in different types, and adapting itself to the requests of the Customers; we are able to supply bunches for every type of market, varying the quantity of product contained. This passage takes place especially for articles such as Ivy, PIstaches and other wild articles that have made our Company great, according to our own style.

Bunching and Shaping

After the process, all items will go to the Packaging Station, where takes the final shape, and that could be Standard or Personalized, following the request of the Customer. We are able to offer different kind of solution, suggesting the most performing one for that Market or in that particular periode, to massimize the final sale. Becasue the fragility of the flowers, we can also change the package, according the Season and the Climate Conditions, to preserve the quality till the final destination.


We invest a lot of time in researching the best solutions, in order to protect the flowers during the short, or very long journey; doesn’t matter if the final destination is behind the house or on the other side of the World, the flower is now packed according to the most new technologies in the sector, with special measures to protect the delicate product; if the trip allows it, special cartons containing water are used, in order to preserve its freshness and good condition upon arrival.


The flower is ready to be delivered! Using exclusively dedicated and specialized carriers, shipments take place on a daily basis, and for each destination. By road, by air or by ship, we currently deliver our flowers in 5 Continents, in over 20 Destinations in the World.

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